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Lawyer, Antifa, Serious but not so much. Proudly dad and husband.

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  1. #Rolen truly deserves induction, he's one of the greatest 3B ever. #McGriff too, a consistent and no-PED linked slugger. But a #MLB #HOF without #Bonds , #Clemens and #Palmeiro is a JOKE.
  2. Anyone seriously thought that t-wolves's choice of twin towers could work?????? #nba
  3. #PostDrop
  4. Just to make it clear again: #Mlb #HallOfFame without #Bonds and #Palmeiro is no more a serious thing.
  5. USEFUL!
  6. Dr. Fauci is an honorable man, an amazing public servant! Let's raise a glass of something sparkly to him and his Family, and to his continued safety! 🌟💖~Claire
  7. Lebron James is on pace to pass Kareem for career total points (1° alltime), Ben Wallace for rebounds (33°), M.Jackson and Nash for assists (4°), Hakeem&Clyde for steals (8°) and Lanier&Buck Williams
  8. Hi!

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