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Wrencher gone CEO

Seattle, WA

Fix cars for a living (own multiple shops with my spouse.) Don't know what I do for fun. Politically as liberal as they come...still believe taxation is theft.

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  1. So that's too far for the gop? Not the grabbing by the p****, or the blackmailing Ukraine for funding, or stealing top secret documents, or instigating an insurrection. Digital trading cards.... That'
  2. Welcoming all the "liberal" journalists hopping over from Twitter!!!
  3. Say what you will about Kennedy and there's a lot of bad to say.... "Kale tastes like I'd rather be fat" is some funny s*** 😂😂😂😂😂 high IQ stupid people with Ziploc bags full of kale..... I'm dyin
  4. I think you mean RP 😁
  5. We need trending topics!

    We're getting there, over all, but I miss seeing what's going on in the world! The reliance on Twitter for the most up to date and fastest news...feels like it can actually fade. We can break from the
  6. Poignant
  7. We need more of this. USA's team captain comforting an Iranian player.
  8. Good answer.
  9. From the humblest of beginnings...I hope @noam eventually walks Elon.

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