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The way forward is one step at a time 👣 love life near the water

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  1. The week in tweets and memes is up! Given the news, this week served up a lot of thoughtful takes—alongside the hilarious ones. Have a great weekend.
  2. Trump turns people into weapons, just like he did on January 6. David DePape beat Paul Pelosi with a hammer. This is what he said his motive was. Asked during the interview why he intended to target Nancy Pelosi, DePape said she had wronged the “entire American public” by “submitti
  3. #Poetry #Writing #BlackPost #BlackPoetry #SocialPoetry
  4. Some thoughts as we approach the biggest drinking event of the year (aka ‘Amateur Night’) and the month when so many people attempt a sober New Year’s resolution…
  5. Good read
  6. Not a troll was found trolling, not even a roast. A lot of the posts had a tentative feel As if we weren’t sure that this new place was real. Some of the veterans who’d been here for weeks Were offering p
  7. Be careful out there..and MASKS
  8. Yay!
  9. how sad it is that Donald Trump is melting straight the fuck down on his crappy little app and throwing a twenty megaton shit-fit because he's getting criminally referred tomorrow and his dime-store l
  10. Wonderful, informative read

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