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Port Townsend, WA

Retired marketing and communications exec. Master Gardener, freelance writer, crossword addict, fledgling woodworker. Fern and moss enthusiast. Democracy and Oxford comma.

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  1. Come on Posters, let’s get @marcelias above 100K followers!
  2. Emigrant Lake, Ashland OR. 3% full in December and 45% full today. (Click comment button for second photo.) #postplaces #ashlandoregon
  3. First bloom of red flowering currant (Ribes sanguineum) , Kul Kah Han Native Plant Demonstration Garden, Port Hadlock, WA #gardening #Sundayflowerreport #nativeplantappreciationmonth
  4. I Don’t Caregiver

    A friend just started a blog, “I Don’t Caregiver,” about the experience of caring for an aging parent. Visit and share your story #caregiving
  5. Hurricane Ridge above the clouds, Olympic National Park, WA #PostPlaces #OlympicPeninsula
  6. Beautiful photography and narrative. Recommend a follow. @lwpetersen
  7. Welcome to Post, Sailor Mike @megawatts55 ! Highly recommend a follow for interesting and thoughtful commentary.
  8. A few words (to read for free) about "White Lotus," Dorothea Lange, and the ennui of our own age, via @nytopinion:
  9. Sunday sunset, across Discovery Bay to the Olympic Mountains, Port Townsend, WA #postplaces #olympicpeninsula #sundayshare
  10. We just want to say that we are enjoying what we see here at Post News. We're excited at its prospects for growth and believe it will be a most enjoyable and informative platform. We plan to post here
  11. Margaret Renkl is an outstanding writer. Her columns on gardening, politics, and more are worth a read and a follow. @margaretrenkl #gardening
  12. My lowly tool shed transformed with a little snow magic. #comfortzone #PNW #OlympicPeninsula
  13. So many thanks for the wonderful efforts of @marcelias .
  14. Thoughts on this day and the importance of community. Steady.
  15. Here’s my column about winter in the garden: part folklore, part science. Happy solstice! Winter Solstice in the Garden #gardening
  16. Welcome to Post!
  17. I know what you're thinking: we need a two minute Broadway musical wrap up of everything that's happened on Post in 2022. Good news - it's here! I hope you enjoy this little holiday gift from me to al
  18. Emigrant Lake at 3% full, Ashland, OR. #PostPlaces
  19. Tending crab pots in Port Townsend Bay, WA #PostPlaces #OlympicPeninsula
  20. Good read about citizens making a difference. They Fought the Lawn. And the Lawn Lost. #pollinators #gardening

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