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Not a morning person Mon. - Fri.


Dog mom | animal lover | pro-democracy | pro-choice | racists always suck | voting matters | support the LGBTQ+ community | GenX | Slava Ukraini | woke | 🍷 lover Here before the dohicky joined Post 11.24.2022

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  1. Farewell Posties

    Shocked not shocked about Post shutting down. I’ve been here since the early days and am so grateful for the amazing Post community! I hoped this would be my forever home for social media. I reluctantly signed up for Spoutible 😢 Hope to see you all on the other side (not comforta
  2. Happy Saturday! #dogsofpost #dogslife
  3. My favorite tree in the neighborhood.
  4. Thank you @maddow for using your voice to skewer the idiots at @nbcnews for hiring the spineless, charlatan Ronna McDaniels. Fuck her and fuck @nbcnews execs for giving her a platform to sprea
  5. My #marchmadness bracket will be busted but rooting for this Oakland team!
  6. The little monster. #Dogs #dogsofpost
  7. I fucking love Miley Cyrus and that Grammy performance was fire.
  8. My two little stinkers exhausted after playing. #dogsofpost #buddy #delilah
  9. @feedback @noam @Post You have to fix or allow users to control the way posts show up in the feed. I keep seeing the same 3-4 post (that are totally stale after the first time) at the top
  10. Dogs are the best! Gift article from WaPo. #Dogs
  11. Hello darkness at 6:30 PM. You are not my friend and I want summer back! #WinterIsComing
  12. The little princess on her throne. #delilah #dogsofpost #dogslife
  13. The Pooh bear enjoying a lazy Sunday morning. #delilah #dogsofpost #dogslife
  14. Happy Saturday! #buddy #dogsofpost #dogslife
  15. Friday eve vibes. #Buddy #dogsofpost #dogslife
  16. Chinese Mayapple harvest (2 photos)! #gardensofpost #PlantsOfPost
  17. It’s not fair to be this chute. #dogsofpost #dogslife
  18. No photos mom! #dogsofpost #dogslife
  19. HUSKIES!
  20. Buddy is on high alert. The mail person’s arrival is imminent🤭 #dogsofpost #dogslife

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