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I pursue free will, social justice, sports, and a bit of fun. Minneapolis. Always learning. 

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  1. Warning: The following is not uplifting or original, but it is real and heavy.... Humans have enormous capacity to imagine, to learn, to invent, to love, and to kill. We know it's the last one that destroys families, communities, and civilizations, but we can't stop doing it. No ca
  2. Spot on. Please read this.
  3. Alexei Navalny was in jail on charges related to extremism and fraud, charges widely viewed as retribution for leading anti-Kremlin opposition. By Kim Hjelmgaard, USA TODAY Alexei Navalny, a prominent critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin who survived a poisoning and spent mon
  4. The folly of fascism.
  5. Please read:
  6. Truth.
  7. Truth.
  8. Minneapolis says thank you.
  9. Winning strategy

    Dems will keep winning with focus on rights for abortion, women's health care, and democracy, which includes an emphasis on commitment to human rights.
  10. 😁😁😁
  11. The GOP hates public education.
  12. American metaphor.
  13. No integrity.
  14. Pay attention to the GOP creeps.
  15. And it frightens them.
  16. Spot on.
  17. So many in this country are part of a cult to destroy democracy.
  18. Republicans hate democracy.
  19. Fascists believe they are the law.

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