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  1. UPDATE : This was allegedly the last tweet sent by Washington Post tech reporter Taylor Lorenz before she was suspended (story is developing). As you can see here, Elon Musk was in the process of accus
  2. UPDATE : In the 48-72 hours prior to the suspension of Taylor Lorenz, the Daily Beast reports, Musk had a public interaction on Twitter with the owner of the transphobic, racist, QAnonist, anti-vaxxer,
  3. I'm compiling a list of all of the assholes in Texas. I just started, but Ken Paxton is already on it three times.
  4. No, the two parties are not the same. One party cares about the welfare of all Americans. The other doesn't.
  5. Reading these text from January 6, I feel like I must be very naive, very ignorant about just how far elected officials will go to overthrow the United States government. I take for granted that the US
  6. I have to say, I am rather impressed with Sam Bankman Fried. He got even the Bahamas government to care about the consequences of taking other people's money.
  7. This should be a bigger story from Jane Mayer @JaneMayerNYer "Lawmakers have just added a provision to the National Defense Authorization Act NDAA to protecting Supreme Court spouses from having to reve
  8. If you vote(d) Republican, THIS is what you vote(d) for. Last night, on the upper east side of Manhattan, the Young Republicans met. Their president, Gavin Wax said: “We want total war…in the streets.
  9. The Iranian regime is killing protesters. The latest is a young, popular wrestler who was publicly hanged. It's frustrating that the world seems helpless to stop this theocratic madness.
  10. Just sharing this for no reason
  11. I interviewed Guillermo del Toro and his co-director Mark Gustafson after a screening of Pinocchio for BAFTA. The film is on Netflix now and it's beautiful, powerful, one of Guillermo's more adult fil
  12. Chester County PA Common Pleas Judge dismisses precinct recount petitions. “If the petitioners believe they have specific evidence of fraud and have a meritorious case, they can set the allegations fo
  13. Robots who clean toilets, really? This is truly awful. A disgusting view of those who make your slick tech space dignified.
  14. The proliferation of hate speech online is no laughing matter. Is the average Twitter user going to start spewing hate speech? Likely not. Is the new management at Twitter giving permission for bad ac
  15. I got some people to follow. Off I go onto the comment section…
  16. The courageous gay nephew of Rep. Vicky Hartzler, who cried against #marriageequality on the U.S. House floor, was put through conversion therapy by his family at the age of 14. Then Andrew Hartzler wa

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