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Psychological health requires a level of awareness. Ignorance and greed are the greatest dangers to human decency. Selfish greed is the greater danger to humanity.

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  1. By Justin Brown Gerrymandering is alive and well in the United States. After the dust settled on our nation’s once-a-decade redistricting process, congressional district maps from 11 states face ongoing lawsuits for either partisan or racial gerrymandering. Below is a complete gui
  2. This is good for the world. Less corrupt leaders generally leads to a societal culture that is also less corrupt. (Greed of individuals just needs to be regulated. Greed, backed by state power, can never be regulated.)
  3. If this "logic" were followed, Israel and Ukraine would no longer exist. Sometimes you have to stand up against the 'bully'. Situtations like this will take at least two generations to resolve, and only if a proper policy is put in place. On another note, Netanyahu's policies wer
  4. The world needs a warm winter for the Northern Hemisphere. Energy usage needs to be low. (The economy of Putin needs to fall.)
  5. In times of 'turmoil', the 'psychologically unaware' will be dangerous if brought to anger. There are those that choose to trigger this anger. Most that trigger others are 'evil'. The ignorant suffer because they are ignorant, but their ignorance causes bliss. All greed-GOP politic
  6. By Robert Reich Friends, I’m trying not to despair, but the world seems awash in hate right now. In the Middle East. In Ukraine and Russia. In rabid anti-immigrant movements in Europe. Among some Trump followers, including Trump Republicans in Congress. Threats are mounting against
  7. The greed-GOP faction politicians still own Texas.
  8. War is about 'greed'. If there was plenty for all, there would be no war. A lot of folks don't want to suffer for 'others'. Power, like other resources, is a limited resource. It also allows one to take a larger slice of the pie. Never support those that are 'greedy' for power if
  9. Personally, I think racists are 'mentally ill', and they need 'psych' help. Needless to say, she should not be working any job that allows her power over anyone. Since society is really not set up to help people like this, and society is not set up to keep these people from creat
  10. At this point, Israel declaring war on Hamas is not a big deal from a big picture scenario. (A war between Israel and Iran would be a big deal, which doesn't seem likely.) Looks like Gaza Strip is going to go under Israel oversight. Netanyahu is probably brighter than Bush(during
  11. The real question is whether any leader has the political will to take Palestinian war refugees.
  12. A war that lasts two years in the region would reduce the power of the autocrats. For 'human decency' in the long-run, a war may be good. (Nuclear weapon capability changes the equation. On another note, the mistakes of not ending a threat in the past haunt the present. )
  13. From a strategic political standpoint, Hamas attacking Israel will help autocrats around the world. Destabilized societies tend to move towards autocracy. (This was a gift to Netanyahu.) The supporters of Hamas are probably happy as well. The autocrat leaders that support Hamas ha
  14. Some may say the Electoral College is a bad idea. In fact it is a good idea if it is designed to check the greedy, unaware, stupid, and ignorant. There may come a time when a demogogue can control the majority to destroy democracy. What matters are checks and balances. The House,
  15. By Dan Rather Is Congress in chaos? For sure. Is much of Washington at least borderline dysfunctional? Yep. Is our political polarization extreme? You bet. Do fringe factions have undue influence on our governance? No doubt about it. Oh, and one more question: Does false equivalenc
  16. Let's say a drug cartel uses violence to gain power over a region. Using words to denounce them will probably get you killed. Most people will act like sheep, kind of like a Western movie where gunslingers need to bought to take out the bad guys. A region filled with violence wil
  17. The corrupt and greedy taking control of a government or society is a problem. Dealing with an influx of migrants caused by the above or other issues is a problem. Solve these two problems, and there is no war. (In reality, just solving the issues created by 'greed' solves both
  18. Making House committees be 50-50 is a fair request if McCarthy needs votes to remain Speaker.

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