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I Miss Precedented Times

Wife, Mom, and Mima. DC/California transplant. K-12 adult educator. Followed our adult kids to TX—oy vey.

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  1. Is there a link between homicide rates and conservative politics?
  2. # bannedbooks #reading #education #library # republicans #MAGA #educationreform #ignorance #afraidofeverything #learning #teachersdontgetpaidenough #teachersareheros
  3. Please tell everyone you know. Redistricting. Registration link to testify: Link to provide written testimony: Link to view the live-streamed testimony:
  4. This is brilliant messaging. Democrats need more of it. 🇺🇸
  5. Here is another American family smacked by medical bills. They are trying to raise $2,000 to avoid #foreclosure . You may want to read and help. #payitforward
  6. Here’s Every Single Lie Told by George Santos
  7. This patriot deserves all the help we can give him.
  8. Virginia is having a special election on January 10th, 2023. Jade Harris is the Democrat running for House District 24. Holly Seibold is the Democrat running for House District 35. Aaron Rouse is the Dem
  9. Can someone with a direct link to Barack Obama please tell him to join us here on Post? Repost as often as possible until we connect and influence his decision. Thank you.
  10. Presented without comment
  11. Do me a favor and let people know I’m giving this site a try. I suppose you can “Repost” this? Is that the right term?
  12. Welcome to Post!
  13. hey folks, I just put up a new post. click below for all that substacky goodness. and sign up for the FREE newsletter, it's how you'll find me if I any of these fledging social media sites goes away
  14. Hello everyone! Already feeling my stomach unclench😍

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