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  1. Hearing

    @karaswisher @ProfG This is a great podcast, and one thing about product innovation. I keep thinking about hearing aids and the growing need for them but as generations are shifting offering that technology to a product that
  2. @ProfG nic job on Bill Mahr tonight. This popped up in my feed and wanted to share it since it covers the topic around men. Why Men With Suicidal Ideation May Not Seek Therapy
  3. @ProfG listened to this today and although I listen to pivot, your statements hit harder today. I started grad school a few weeks ago at 44 to become a Mental Health counselor. I want to take my experience and hope my education and work with adole
  4. Haha!
  5. Great interview. I am enjoying Artifact a great deal Mr. Systrom. Thank you! @karaswisher #sxsw2023
  6. The party that doesn't believe in the climate crisis, or handouts is asking for money? Happy to hear Biden see value in investing in Utah America. Not my problem until it's my problem,
  7. Respect the journey

    I have a love hate with the media today, and it is moments like this that make me sick. Mr. Willis is a celebrity and I understand that media attention is part of the life. However, this headline is horrible. Based on his illness the tabloids should leave him alone and let his
  8. On point @newyorker cartoonist David Ostow
  9. Legend!
  10. Amazing interview. Raw, and authentic! Thank you, Marc Maron, and Brendan Fraser. #wtf
  11. @ProfG i enjoyed hearing your comments on not fitting into the Corp structure. First time I heard this and felt like you were talking to me. Hahaha
  12. Beautiful Yokohama #japan
  13. finding Audi Cournish

    I just learned about your podcast today, and I love it. Listened - My Bread and Butter: The Onlyfans economy and Journalism on the Ropes.
  14. Excellent On today! @karaswisher Happy New to you and yours!!
  15. Getting done #politics
  16. Happy New Year!
  17. A disruptor

    I grew up in a home where Barbara Walters was watched and to this day I still watch the View. Opinions matter @karaswisher she is one of the greatest demanding ladies. Like
  18. Connection is Kindness

    I love watching the Kennedy Center Honors. It's a reminder of how we connect as humans and reminds me how untalented I am. #talent #voice #connection #kennedycenter
  19. BE KIND!
  20. It's a great question. This needs to change.

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