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Author of 3 novels - Hunger, The Mosaic Artist, In the Aftermath. Baker of bread. Library advocate. Human to two dogs. I photograph them a lot.

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  1. Happy New Year, readers! I checked out about 225 (digital) books from the library this year, read most but some I didn’t finish. I chose 12 highlights and here they are. My favorite books of 2022 (that
  2. Baker makes a case for Sicilian panettone. "Northern culture, but Southern ingredients," explains Fiasconaro.
  3. Rep. Jamie Raskin lays out criminal referrals against Trump, John Eastman, and recommends sanctions for four members of Congress.
  4. Talking craft. From LitHub, Sam Lipsyte on the What and the How of Writing: “Style is your filter on all of this... how it summons language in you, how life comes to be alive on the page.”
  5. Updated VOA News story on my suspension from Twitter:
  6. Ideas for promoting your book at the holidays

    It's not always easy for writers to promote their work. If this is true for you, here are some book promotions that might actually be - gasp! - fun. #amwriting #ampromoting #writingcommunity

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