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musician, writer, educator

California, USA

I've written some songs and some stories Dog and cat enthusiast, she/her

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  1. I’d like to look away, I’d like to believe that we live in a sound democracy. But I can’t, and neither can any of us afford to. Where is the democratic presidential candidate that will shove this horror show over for good? We cannot go into this race without a solid candidate. #d
  2. Birds at the beach
  3. This headline was literally next to some bullshit article about what Jennifer Lopez was wearing tonight in my news feed. We are failing the Earth. We are failing each other. We are failing ourselves. And we have but a moment to turn it around. #climateactionnow
  4. Latest release! I'm really happy with the way this one turned out. #singersongwriter #indiemusic #newmusicrelease
  5. I’ll have what he’s having. #catsofpost
  6. I've got a new story coming out as part of a collection this winter! Santa Cruz Ghost Stories Basically, I was invited to submit a story, told them, I don't think I have time to write a ghost story right now, then literally saw a ghost, had my story and wrote it. Boom. Thank you?
  7. I’m testing the waters on both Post and Bluesky in lieu of X, which I left before the rebrand, and am still trying to decide where to land. I don’t want too many social media things, so tell me why Post is a good place to spend time.
  8. Look, I found my heart resting on the beach this morning.
  9. One of the highlights of this summer was getting to spend about three hours playing live music with my bestie for the first time in three and a half years. Here’s a clip from our cover of Lovesong by The Cure.
  10. My foster pup is a darling. Someone will be very lucky to adopt this boy.
  11. Good morning from the Monterey Bay
  12. It's difficult to fathom the devastation in Turkey and especially Syria at this time, or to know how to help given the sanctions and restrictions. Here are some vetted organizations that are working to bring aid to victims there.
  13. I gotta find my people on Post cause I am really over Twitter. So here's me covering Dylan. Hi musicians, hi writers, hi creatives, hi eco-conscious humanitarians and do-gooders. Please connect with me on Post.
  14. How're you all navigating this transition to yet another social media site? I find I miss the community I had established on Twitter but can't seem to find the motivation to put time into creating a whole new one here. All you musicians, writers, animal and nature lovers are just
  15. Capitola Wharf and Village before and after the storm parade
  16. Just joined and looking for my #music and #writing friends as well as those working towards a better world through environmental and humanitarian efforts. So glad to discover there's an alternative to

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