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nerdy, cheesy, weird. 🤲 curator, 📚 reader, 🌿 gardener, antiracist, abolitionist, ♀♂⚦ feminist, I run an applied research center at ASU, where we build tools to fight inequity.

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  1. What is love?

    DL Hughley put anti-racism in the perfect way ... anti-racism is a love language. Essentially this is what folks have been saying day in day our for years ... yet, it clicked again when he used that phrase. Another gear clicked into place when he said this phrase, "love language.
  2. So excited for my #nextread Tensions in Diversity: Spaces for Collective Life in Los Angeles by Felicity Hwee-Hwa Chan!
  3. Also ... we're all tired and deserve better

    "Their left-leaning, highly educated workforce, as well as the people they serve, has increasingly come to expect management to live up to its stated beliefs."

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