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Looking for a permanent position after 20+ years as consultant. Welcome and contact me @ LinkedIn. Worked with MarTech - Marketing Technology - since 1999. Consult assignments: * MarTech Manager * Head of Digital * Marketing Manager * Digital Marketing Manager * E-commerce Manager Companies: * Ericsson * Cisco * MSD * DNB Eiendom * Svensk Fastighetsförmedling Welcome. Magnus Attefall

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    ✅ Latest MarTech News by Magnus Attefall Lessons on Creating Video Like a Pro Growth Marketing Tools Microsoft to add ChatGPT features to Bing Search Innovating in Uncertain Times: Lessons from 2022 How To
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    Latest MarTech News by Magnus Attefall SaaS Link Building: Ultimate Guide & 20 Strategies that Work [Examples Included] How To Make Content a More Effective Part of Your Sales Funnel SaaS SEO Strategy:
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    7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design Agile performance management | McKinsey 5 ways to optimize your ad campaigns in 2023 Best Practices for Designing Your Creative Portfolio ➜ Read more at attefall.di
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    Latest MarTech News by Magnus Attefall How prioritization frameworks improve marketing The Case For Product Content Ops How Google Autocomplete works I Asked ChatGPT To Write A Bunch Of Social Media Post

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