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Seeker of justice, lover of truth, fragile in flesh and warrior in spirit.

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  1. Soft Sell Traitor taking Top Secret & Classified documents to MAL. Beginning of the "let's not charge Traitor with stealing". I knew this was coming!
  2. "She has a disordered personality. As a grown adult, she chased a teenager who had survived the Parkland school shooting down the street, harassing and berating him. She is drawn to hatred as a moth t
  3. Predatory prosperity MAGA pastor @Paula_White being a criminal and grifter is the least likely news I've heard today. ~ John Pavlovitz
  4. The top 5 corporate donors to the Sedition Caucus: Koch Industries: $1,374,500 Boeing: $936,500 Valero Energy: $827,500 Home Depot: $790,000 AT&T: $786,900
  5. Women are too emotional!
  6. Surprised? Not at all. Are you?
  7. TY San Jose, CA for starting what should be a nationwide requirement for every weapon in America. INSURANCE REQUIRED!
  8. Andrew Tate detained in Romania on organised crime and rape charges | Romania | The Guardian
  9. Let’s be fair here. Who among us hasn’t lied about being a gay half white half Black Jewish Citigroup/Goldman Sachs employee with a degree from Baruch College who employed masse shooting victims, desc
  10. She was aware of the entire coup plan.
  11. You don't say, George?
  12. Enough of the sizzle, I want my steak!
  13. Bond is NOT Blonde, IMHO so he's never been a favorite for me. These moves might have changed my mind. 🤣🤣

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