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Ashki-Sephi Jewitch

Morpork Assassins Guild

I love books, cats, and tea.

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  1. Gift article What to know about Southwest flight refunds and finding lost luggage
  2. I wish I could give credit to whomever took this photo - 🐾
  3. Messages I 100% get behind!
  4. Cousin Nate on Drunk Ppl

    My cousin, who was an alcoholic & now lives in blessed memory, always used to say, "The drunk man says what the sober man thinks, cuz," whenever I tried to excuse away the bad or cruel words & behavio
  5. Greetings Post friends, both established on Twitter and new! I got admitted today and will be taking care of the photo and banner pic, as well as an improved bio by Sunday evening. For now, I wish you

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