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  1. Looking for our friends! If you followed us on Twitter, please consider following us here. 💙 Please REPOST this Post to spread the word that @calltoactivism is on Post.
  2. #animals As we have seen, there is some very dangerous weather moving across the country right now. Please dont forget our fur friends. After this moves through please fill your birdfeeders. We are th
  3. This was always likely the case. Fox knowingly lying to their audience for ratings. But it's something else to hear them actually say it out loud. These people are lying to their audiences and making t
  4. Wow, Krysten Sinema is every bit as “special” as we figured…
  5. Timely, helpful tips for holiday chatting with right wingers, or the folks who never read beyond stupid, BS, headlines 😆
  6. Well today turned out to be a somber birthday. Sweet Ming decided today was the day she would pass away. #Cats #PostCats
  7. There are some cool polls circulating so I thought I’d make my own… Please tell me the name of the 1) BOOK you’ve re-read the most 2) Favorite music ALBUM 3) Best PRESENT you ever received (and no, you
  8. I highly recommend reading the NYT piece attached below. You can read the entire article for free. Please share your thoughts in the comments. Here are a few highlights: Adam Liptak of the NYT writes: Th
  9. Today’s New York Times Magazine is a gut punch. American kids killed by gun violence: The Lives They Lived.
  10. Hello

    Hello Fellow Posters, It feels weird to start over, trying to find the folks I valued for ideas, insight and humor, but all new beginnings bring challenges. I kept my moniker, wasn’t a big deal on the

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