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  1. This concept of #NakedShorts is akin to voter fraud. Just not a significant problem in financial markets. But it's a compelling fantasy to get rubes and morons fired up to enrich/elevate grifters
  2. Oh, the places you'll go!
  3. Tail Risk and the Planet

    The last 40 years has conditioned society to disregard tail risk because there’s always a bailout. I professionally manage investment risk and seeing asinine peacocking like this is alarming. There’s
  4. It's not all doom and gloom in cleantech land. The unsung heroes of decarbonization out there doing yeoman's work (gas, solar, storage, nukes) #VST
  5. The realization #TSLA
  6. More geo-engineering beta-testing with the planet… for profit (ha!)… Cool cool. Anyone read Termination Shock?
  7. Ten years of "can't lose" investing conditioning... Unfathomable that we're in a new market regime where stonks don't just go up
  8. Really hope the least educated investors do not get carried out here but these baggie comments... goodness. There are some tough lessons still incoming #TSLA
  9. The first geo-engineering equity? Opens a bit of Pandora’s box in the start of a climate arms race. #DMYS #RANY
  10. Ooof #TSLA #TSLAQ
  11. Value isn't dead. Value exists in disruptive tech/cleantech. Just have to know where to look Dying days of #fintwit is lit #finpost
  12. #Profit-full Disruption Enough with the grand-standing and pumping to justify investments in ostensibly disruptive companies that are, in fact, mediocre businesses. There are real, #profit-full disrupt
  13. Hate/love to see it... #TSLAQ
  14. Seeing incomplete green policy decisions are building up to sneaky/sustained inflationary pressure with perverse economic impacts. Hard pivot to total electrification is going to hit hard bc the natur
  15. This moment in time is like a slow-moving car-wreck (so not a #TSLA car) but all the more excruciating because lemmings keep jumping on the same equity market grenade
  16. The Arsurus Christmas wish list: 1) #ClimateInflation (i.e. environmental externalities driving supply-side inflation) gains mass recognition and appropriate capital considerations 2) The unsung compani

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