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  1. NBC. Introducing the jurors. Dumbasses
  2. Any of you ridiculous mainstream media companies have Bill Barr on their show I will be changing the channel. He's twisted and probably should be in jail.
  3. Yeah China if you're not going to behave we are definitely going to watch you. STFU. China not happy that we are flying through what they believe is their property
  4. I don't think management is too happy about us commenting on how bad his post baby is behaving. Besides being clunky I'm still not happy about a big chunk of my points disappearing. #noam
  5. Stephen Miller must take some pretty good drugs. Leftover from the Trump Administration.
  6. Really makes me want to move to New York City. Not.
  7. Keep calling out these people.
  8. I'm pretty sure this is the little peephole from those conducting the experiment of this galaxy and universe.
  9. When I started reading this article it looked like it was talking about how dumb judge Cannon was. She is that. What it ended up saying to me when reading what she put down in black and white is that someone else is involved in her opinions and judging. This stuff is not from her
  10. RPing for 'Alina Blabber Dabba Doo'
  11. MAGAs. You’re allowed to change your minds. You don’t need to tell anyone. The polling booths are private.
  12. I find myself skipping over anything that has to do with British Royals. The whole thing has become a joke.... I think maybe it was already.
  13. I want all the idiots to quit calling it The Hush money trial.
  14. My go-to beach in Hawaii gets rough.
  15. It is time to start weeding out those Nazis. I don't give a s*** if they're in government or not. Get them gone.
  16. As soon as they show up we will be seeing and hearing about her boobs. Kardashians are trash.
  17. Nothing like a little color coordination eh?
  18. That little asshole MagaMike Johnson is holding up the will of the people. Who the f*** do these Representatives think they are anyway? They work for us.
  19. Yo twump! We like prosecuting people we don't like. That's the name of the game. Screw you.

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