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I can dream while im awake! Im a Creative soul, an event producer by day, a Dj when the sun goes down! As i’ve grown older, i have taken an interest in the future of our beautiful planet. Not just in our ecological future, but in the direction our political system is going. Disinformation has created a parallel world where uneducated people suffer unfounded fears that don’t exist, while unscrupulous politicians make money of them. We all should have an interest in fixing this, and finding ways to unite instead on dividing our nation. I hope smart platforms help spread multi sided news and thoughts so we can aspire to live in a society where debate makes us grown together and not apart.

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  1. Do people in Texas and Florida even understand who they are electing?

    Great article on Bloomberg about Florida's and Texas fight against "wokeness", or as I call it, their imaginary evils. The cost of this crazy politics against ESG to their constituents will end up being in the billions. Imagine if either of them makes it to the White House? Wh

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