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@apfel_sarah on Spoutible. Proud neoliberal shill. Ride or die Dem. Foul mouth, pure heart. Heh. 

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  1. As you can see from my TL, haven't posted anything here in ages. Nevertheless, today's announcement by @noam saddened me. This is clearly a smart, civilized, caring space run by smart, civilized, caring people, & it's truly a shame it will be coming to an end. I hope my mutuals w
  2. I stepped out last night Out of my body Out of the door Grabbed a moonbeam And joined the stars We gossiped a while About the sun I tickled the clouds Making them laugh Until they rained Chatted up a storm Danced to the thunder Found a bold of lightning And went back home With a stolen breez
  3. In passing, I thought I heard a guy say, "It puts a lot of stress on my asshole," but he actually said, "household." Accents, man. Gotta love 'em.
  4. Zero self-awareness from the same Steve Scalise who voted AGAINST gay marriage despite the fact that a Black lesbian police officer took an actual bullet for him, thus saving his life
  5. MSM, stop referring to last night's debacle as a "Town Hall". It was a f-ing Trump rally sponsored by CNN.
  6. This vase has had just about enough of your bullshit.
  7. Elmo's latest idea to get people to sign up for Twitter Blue.
  8. Replace Jay Jaycobs

    Hey #NewYork and #NYC Democrats: Let's get rid of this schmuck already. Still on the Hell Site? Here's an excellent Toolkit: Toolkit: Replace Jay Jacobs 5/10 Tweetstorm - Google Docs The time is right to #ReplaceJayJacobs#ReplaceJayJacobs , the sooner the better. #DudeGottaGo
  9. America is a very tough place for humans.
  10. This is fascinating work from the university where I work and its Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy at Salve Regina University. #SalveRegina #PellCenter
  11. Stand back and stand by…in prison “proud boys”. This win belongs squarely to AG Merrick Garland. #JusticeMatters #politics #PostNews
  12. Karening has consequences.
  13. Here We Go Again!
  14. Harry Belafonte has died at age 96. 😢 Singer, actor, civil rights activist. Rest in power sir. 🕊️🤍🙏🏾 #BlackPost #Icon
  15. RIP
  16. Let's finish the job. Can I say watching this video that Joe Biden understands what has been true since Jimmy Carter: white americans have not voted for a democrat since then. And Joe seems to be embracing that. Some might say "why isn't he reaching out?" and his answer will b
  17. When you share the pie your piece of it becomes smaller and smaller but the trick is... everyone gets a piece! #TheAmericanHaitianPoet
  18. When something sparks so much joy, it deserves to breathe outside of the 24 hour news cycle. With that said, for the next few days I will be randomly walking around screaming:
  19. I'm with Joe. Let's finish the job.
  20. #Humor For your MAGA family now that Tucker is off Fox.

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