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  1. I guess Trump wants that Triple Crown Indictment. I have a feeling Georgia will charge as soon as early as Mid-July.
  2. After seeing what Meatball Ron (DeSantis) is it's in every ones interests not to vote for him he would bring down the economy and pull us back to Jim Crow education of the 1950's/ early 1960's.
  3. Family Values

    Laura Boebert just filed for divorce. Funny how two individuals can be so Toxic ended up realizing they're not meant to be together. This comes after their oldest Tyler knocked up a girl while Laura claiming LBGT community isn't fit to have a family. The sad thing is the kids are
  4. Kyiv is thriving while Moscow is still rotting from the inside.
  5. Times Up Donnie

    Its not going to be a good day for Donald Trump especially when he will have to acknowledge that he's a sexual predator. As a former New Yorker I've always knew how bad of a person he was from his time giving kickbacks to the Five Families to conspiring with his Dad Fred in burn
  6. Just a diplomatic rule don't mess with a diplomats flag especially ones that currently at war with the other.
  7. Buckle up:
  8. #GregAbbott
  9. E-Firearms

    While I'm not advocating more guns this is definitely a non-partisan conversation on how to lower gun violence stats by having manufactures create smart firearms.
  10. Someone is in the pockets of General Mills Cereal 😂😂😂
  11. It's definitely amazing how blatantly clear they've become more racist by the week.
  12. I Stand with them!!
  13. Walkout Tennessee democrats Walkout!!!! The Republican Party doesn't care about kids nor do they care about gun violence and Mental Health.
  14. Change of Venue

    So I discussed with some friends about how Trump's legal team will ask for a change of venue during his arraignment Tuesday. They didn't believe me but as a former New Yorker the Judge will probably approve it based on the circus this will create and taxing emergency services in
  15. #TrumpIndictment
  16. First Happy Birthday to my beautiful Wife and second Happy Indictment Day!!!!!!
  17. For the record Trump caused this conflict and has no real solution to end this War.
  18. Afroman will hands down and He'll make'em fix his busted door !!!
  19. #DeSantisSucka

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