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General counsel to social/digital media and other emerging tech startups; concerned citizen

San Francisco

Outside/fractional general counsel to startups & growth stage tech companies, deepest in online social platforms, digital media content, consumer Internet, e-commerce, mobile apps and cloud services. Former eHarmony VP/GC & founding MySpace legal team. Seasoned trust/safety veteran of online communities from inception to 100M+ users: Privacy, liability, compliance, abuse/risk counsel at scale. Gravely concerned US citizen, policy wonk, wag, social media loudmouth. Obamacrat. Pro expansion. 🇺🇦 Passionate Californian, SF/SV native with one foot in LA. Done with QElon’s Twitter.

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  1. [C]reators drive users and advertisers to social platforms, but as the creator economy matures and tech giants prioritize “efficiency” (layoffs), it seems courting and compensating creators is no longer trendy. ~ Fortune This view is supported by the most recent quarterly earning
  2. Nothing to add to @jefftiedrich here except that states like TX and FL responded to Uvalde and similar massacres by loosening gun laws. I will never understand how fellow citizens can vote for such soulless, nihilist opportunists. It’s unrecognizable as the
  3. "Yeah, son? That over there? That's Twitter."
  4. Punch line: Vaccines are really, really tough to develop, validate, and launch. We are so lucky to have #covid19 vaccines!
  5. “Trying to catch a falling knife?”
  6. Time to call Justice Thomas before the Jan. 6 grand jury

    Supreme Court justices are no more above the law than former presidents. As the great Constitutional scholar explains below, “He could either corroborate or deny details derived from his wife’s deposi
  7. Point well made. I am convinced.
  8. Works for me. Repost away!
  9. When the Murdochs decide to move on from their anointed king, they really mean it. 🤣
  10. Thank you President Biden! ❤️
  11. Got a question for Lawfare or for a Lawfare contributor? Send a question for our annual "Ask Us Anything Podcast"! Call us, or email us!
  12. Yes! Time to play offense for once, not just defense.
  13. Really useful tip 👇🏽
  14. Trump NFT “trading card” laundromat special

    My favorite detail is how they limited sales to 100 at $99 = $9,900 . The threshold at which banks and businesses are required to file reports of cash transactions to FinCEN within 15 days (Form 8300)
  15. Welcome @atrupar !
  16. Grinch!
  17. Weaponizing social media for fun and death threats

    Many thanks @exgoper for sharing. QElon’s targeting of Yoel Roth for plainly inevitable, immediate, mass harassment and death threats really struck a nerve.
  18. Note to Santa. Check this list twice. 🎁

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