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  1. 2023: “Man beats machine, again”

    2023: “Man beats machine, again” Important update for folks like me who have been teaching about AlphaGo beating Fan Hui as a key milestone on the timeline of recent AI evolution.
  2. Feeling proud that my 10 year old rolled me with this on iMessage this morning.
  3. “Glaze” cloaking for digital images in plain sight

    Headline is extreme - but this is very cool story about “Glaze” a technology that disturbs algorithmic detection on an image and leaves it in plan sight at the same time. #ai #botspotters #botsquashers #glaze
  4. More about new models remembering quickly than old models forgetting - but still one of my fave topics. Katharine Miller's helpful explanation of the latest thinking about how to keep large language models (and other large models built on neural networks) updated with facts chan
  5. Not today, ChatGPT

    Adam Rogers bottom-lines the antidote to ChatGPT’s con - “Not today, Satan . . . The bots will offer us easy answers. We just have to remember that's not what we should be asking for.” #chatgpt #ai
  6. Contrast midjourney’s willingness to generate the following prompts. President Xi in a dress President Biden in a dress All requested from America. #Ai #China
  7. Love cool companies doing the right thing about safety and privacy. #e ncodingvalues
  8. MIT Technology Review again with the sophisticated and thoughtful, but rarely irrationally optimistic, take.
  9. Mathing out to the complex issues of irreducibility and explainability. #chatgpt #explainableAI
  10. #sexistAI
  11. Why it’s so hard to make the Internet safe: We don’t want porn, we do want this. Sexist AI cannot tell the difference. #sexistAI
  12. #wearethecargo
  13. #sexistAI
  14. #Ai #chatgpt
  15. #botspotters
  16. lovely new Tallest Man on Earth ♥️
  17. Tell me what you really think!

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