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Artist, Photographer, Music lover, foodie, Liberal political views

Lover of Music, Thalassophile, Art, Film, and all fuzzy creatures. Friends who like to laugh are welcomed anytime. Anti-Fascism, laughter and solutions, welcomed. Book Cover/ Nature Photographer. You can now buy me a coffee if you'd like to 

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  1. TBT #postpics
  2. It’s #caturday
  3. BREAKING: FBI informant charged with lying about Joe Biden admits Russian intelligence was involved in passing a story about Hunter, Special Counsel says
  4. Merry Christmas and happy Valentine’s Day #postpolitics
  5. Paranormal créatures or zombies, which are scariest?
  6. #Caturday
  7. #catsofpost #Caturday
  8. Waterfall Wednesday ? Sure 🤩 #postpics
  9. Winter is here ❄️ #postphotgraphy
  10. Happy Monday. Do you agree, ´who you are while no one is watching, is who you really are’ ?
  11. Florence-Italy 2008 #postphoto
  12. 🍁🎶🍁
  13. Biden's re-election campaign is sending my Governor, Gavin Newsom, to the second Republican presidential debate this week. He’s there to respond in real time with Democratic points. He’s honestly the only reason to watch the debate. But I’ll probably wait till afterwards. Can’t s
  14. By Robert Reich Friends, America is in the midst of the biggest surge in labor activity in a quarter century. The United Auto Workers, the Writers Guild of America, the actors’ union known as SAG-AFTRA, Starbucks workers, Amazon workers, the Teamsters and UPS, flight attendants. Th
  15. Let’s kick off the spooky season #postphotos
  16. Infinity and beyond #postpics #Postphohotos
  17. Joseph Biggs, a Florida leader of the Proud Boys on Jan. 6, 2021, has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for conspiring to derail the peaceful transfer of power, the second-longest sentence of the hundreds handed down since the violent assault on the Capitol. Read more #Jan6
  18. The right is melting down over a fake Fox story that the Biden Administration is going to limit alcohol to two beers a week. Wait till I tell them it’s gotta be just two Bud Lights.

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