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Musician. Singer-songwriter on the Isle of Wight

Andy Roberts Music. Singer-songwriter on the Isle of Wight

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  1. Tune in to Nature's secret music

    By Andy Roberts Have you ever stopped to truly listen to the birds singing? It’s not just background noise; it’s a raucus jam session featuring some of nature’s greatest stars. I recently found myself enthralled by the sound of the dawn chorus coming in from my garden, a reminder
  2. I made a trailer, with transcript

    Hello and happy Sundays! The sun is shining and I’ve played my first gig of April, last night in Calbourne. Thanks to everyone who came along, supported the Saturday Sessions and bought a CD. We also helped to promote a new monthly folk club starting up there also at The Sun Inn, o
  3. From Voice Notes to Gig Theatre

    By Andy Roberts Hey up peoples, I do hope you're doing well this fine beginning of the month of April. I just got back from my virtual discussion group, feeling more inspired than ever. There's something about sharing ideas and stories that really lights a fire under you, doesn't i
  4. More about the twelve

    By Andy Roberts "That old 12 string guitar sounds lovely! I might get one. " 👏👏 Well, yes it does, I know. But that's mainly because I've been learning how to play it on and off for 50 years. I'm concerned that if you were to purchase a vintage Guild at an auction tomorrow, it mi
  5. Shakespeare & Co

    By Andy Roberts The Shakespeare & Co bookshop in Paris is quite well known, these days. The colourful shop sign is visible from near Notre Dame so lots of tourists have seen it and maybe even wandered inside to satisfy curiosity. I don’t think it has changed much since this time l
  6. Clips from the show

    By Andy Roberts On Friday night we had the first glimpse of what the One Man Show “Boulevard Days” might look like on a stage in front of an audience. I’m pleased to report it was very well received by the nice people who came along, an entertaining evening was had and a huge amou
  7. Atonement by proxy

    By Andy Roberts I just told you on Sunday about Guy the engineer and my weekend with his family in the provinces… Well there's another part to Guy's story within all of this. One day, he told me he was going on a voyage of his own. A trip to England, by ferry and Moped. Since I have
  8. A guy named Guy

    By Andy Roberts This episode of the Boulevard Days story really fits in somewhere between 3 and 5, but the exact chronology isn’t important. It’s about one of the eventful loops along the journey of trials, once I’ve settled myself in Paris making a life for myself. I’m playing my
  9. The Programme

    By Andy Roberts The Countdown Begins The days are counting down to my little preview performance of the new one-man show "Boulevard Days - A Play with Songs". It’s in Newport, IOW on Friday, March 22nd. I invite all my friends and followers to join me for this special preview befor
  10. Take a peek inside the flat

    By Andy Roberts “If only we'd had a dining table and more than three chairs.” In a previous episode, I acquired a social life and scene based around things happening in the Latin Quarter on the left bank. But it became increasingly inconvenient to make my way home back up to my lit
  11. Is it Springtime yet?

    By Andy Roberts Well hello again, I've written recently about 'Leaping into March' and now here, in a very real sense, is exactly where we are. That's always a good place to be ;-) Right from the start, March has a plethora of patron Saints days and we celebrated both St David's and
  12. Excalibur

    By Andy Roberts I think most lifelong musicians have a story about how they came into possession of their one, special, forever instrument, and this is mine. The scene takes place inside of the cafe Mazet. The Paris buskers have recently adopted it as our hub, meetup point and soci
  13. Leap into March with music and more

    By Andy Roberts Good Morning! Is it Wednesday already? Time flies, especially since I just posted on Monday. But here we are, on the brink of February's end, all still standing strong. The wet winter dragging on has been hard to endure in some ways, but I just spent four full days
  14. Boulevard Days 5: The Scene Shifts

    By Andy Roberts It's Monday now, I’ve had a very busy weekend but here it is; beginning the next episode of the Boulevard Days saga in which the rebel encounters the sage across the years. But for now, we are just recalling the story. In Episode 4 an impromptu trio was created insi
  15. Announcement of a completely new thing

    By Andy Roberts Happy Wednesday! While there's no public news for this coming weekend, I do have an exciting update to share today: Announcing a new extra section to all this. There will be an additional section coming soon marking a genuine new departure from my usual emphasis on bo
  16. Here's your Valentines replay

    By Andy Roberts Happy Sundays! I suppose the way to use the posts in this “sounds” section really, is just to play and listen to the video. No need to be staring at a screen for that, unless you want to. There’s an auto generated transcript below, which will be flawed, but it may be
  17. Not just for couples.. 🎶 🕊️ 🌏

    By Andy Roberts It’s Wednesday all day today, but also happens to be St Valentines Day. Not a great day for going out so why not stay in and join us online for an hour or so at 7.00pm tonight? What It will be a live performance of songs specially chosen for carrying a positive messa
  18. Paris & the Boulevard Days - Index of Story Posts

    By Andy Roberts START HERE This post is a jumping off point from which you can read all the writings IN SEQUENCE which make up the Boulevard Days story of those formative years in Paris, about 50 years ago! For each episode there is a title and an excerpt but you need to click on t
  19. Little street of music and magic

    By Andy Roberts Happy Sundays, all. I’ve been really busy all this weekend but managed to get this piece written during the week for you. It’s more of the ‘ Boulevard Days ’ story, directly following on from the last episode which was called “ Continuing the Saga - A New Chapter in N
  20. The Last Lost Podcast

    By Andy Roberts This is the last in a short series of found podcast episodes from an era when I was trying to build some momentum, but it was way ahead of my time. I’ve deleted some of the irrelevant chatter to make it more listenable I hope, and to stop anyone from looking for we

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