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  1. For anyone interested in history, a fun feature of chatGPT is to generate a choose-your-own-adventure story based on specific historical events, where you choose one of the main characters, such as this example (works best if you select the "Creative mode" option)
  2. Imagine being an expert hieroglyphics scientist and finding a stone with ancient writings on it, then toiling for years to decipher the code and unlock some great revelation about ancient cultures... only to find that it's nothing more than a negative Amazon review 😄
  3. Hello everyone! Welcome to my Post page. Glad to be here.
  4. Last day before winter break begins! Then I will finally have time to get work done 😀 #academiclife
  5. Hard to describe how great it feels to hit "Submit" on the final grades at the end of each semester
  6. When I was a little 7-year-old kid, I once tried to sell random rocks that I found in my yard (a couple friendly neighbors and our mail-lady actually bought a few of them from me, out of pity I think
  7. I put the Post app where the Twitter app used to be located on my phone home screen, so now I'm reflexively opening the Post app all day instead of the bird app 😃
  8. Every day I become more and more satisfied with my decision to delete my Twitter account a few weeks ago
  9. I asked an AI bot to write a final exam honor code in the style of King James Bible and it gave me this: "And it came to pass that the students of the land gathered together to take the final exam. And
  10. Hello, World!

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