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  1. The Future of Education

    We need to really teach our students to adapt, to learn, constantly relearn what they’ve learned so far and unlearn certain things that would limit them from learning new things,” says Sayasat Nurbek, Kazakhstan’s minister of science and higher education.
  2. By The Kyiv Independent news desk Ukraine will reach its goal of producing 1 million drones per year, Digital Transformations Minister Mykhailo Fedorov said at the "Ukraine. Year 2024" forum on Feb. 25. High-ranking Ukrainian officials met to discuss Ukraine’s future at t
  3. Polish foreign minister 'corrects the record' for Russia in UN Security Council meeting #standwithukraine
  4. A very interesting conversation with @noam Bardin, the founder of @Post , about the future of news, Twitter and Threads, and the media industry!
  5. Family business in Central and Eastern Europe are an interesting phenomenon as most of them are not much more than three decades old. I sat down with Piotr Michalczyk, Partner, Entrepreneurial and Family Business Leader at @PwCCEE to talk about how family businesses in the @_Emer
  6. Last week I was in #Seoul to host the KEY Platform conference. The competition for supremacy between the US and China against the backdrop of South Korea president Yoon Seok-Yeol’s state visit to Washington was one of the key topics. Here are my reflections regarding the role of
  7. Outlook on Latvia

    Like its Baltic neighbours, #Latvia has acutely felt the economic effects of Russia’s war on #Ukraine . As purchasing power remains low and support for households affected by inflation expires, its economy will remain stagnant for much of 2023 until growth returns in 2024.
  8. Written by Carl Bildt, Sweden’s foreign minister from 2006 to 2014 and prime minister from 1991 to 1994, and Co-Chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations. STOCKHOLM – Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis – a prospective US presidential candidate – recently created
  9. #ukraine
  10. "We have to get rid of Poland, the Baltics, the ones who disrespect us, who knows why. And Finland." #Ukraine #Finland #RussianPropaganda #RussianImperialism
  11. Rehearsal done. Now about to launch the 11th K.E.Y. Platform conference in #Seoul #SouthKorea
  12. “These ex-Soviet Union countries do not have effective status under international law because there is no international accord to concretise their status as a sovereign country.”

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