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Gun Policy in America, RAND Corporation; Director, National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research. Public policy responses to gun violence and sexual violence. Posts are mine, not RAND’s.

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  1. Assault weapons bans

    The 1994 assault weapon ban did not clearly reduce mass shootings or gun violence. In fact, the law probably increased ownership of semiautomatic rifles for several years (as noted in this podcast). But mass shootings and use of these weapons increased after the law sunsetted. Gr
  2. Many thanks to Jonquilyn Hill for having me on The Weeds to discuss assault weapons bans. Long time listener, first time caller. The Weeds is a podcast I have appreciated for years.
  3. Firearm deaths and state policies

    High firearm homicide rates in the South are not specific to urban areas. This map shows relative rates in non-urban counties. They are also not restricted to black communities. This map show firearm homicide rates among white victims. you can investigate state firearm homicide a
  4. Several states now survey their residents on tanning bed use, but gun ownership and use is off the table. @RosannaSmart and me discussing glaring holes in federal and state data collection relating to gun injury, use, crime and violence.
  5. I’m proud to announce a major update to RAND's Gun Policy in America Project, the third edition of our comprehensive review of research evidence on the effects of U.S. gun laws. I present some of the m
  6. The FY23 appropriations bill dropped last night, and the earlier (higher) numbers for firearms violence prevention research have been scaled back to FY22 levels: $25m split between CDC and NIH.

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