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Beacon, New York 

Art that is brought to you from dreams, meditations, and realms beyond.

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  1. Adaptive Identity Philosophy [Part Two] The True Purpose Of The Arts & Artists

    In the intricate labyrinth of human consciousness, the divine undeniably asserts its authority. … Art, comparable to esoteric rituals, functions as a systematic methodology of altering symbolic forms, expressions, and representations to stimulate shifts in awareness. Crafting a s

    All things change infinitely in an infinite universe. your insistence on remaining unchanged is what places limits on your own infinite possibilities. The currents of time ebb and flow without ceasing, carrying individual souls on their inexorable voyage. Pushed and pulled by fate
  3. Just some random thoughts on AI

    The history of technological innovation is marked by numerous instances where humanity developed technologies far before understanding their full implications or managing the capacity to control them appropriately. The classic example of this is nuclear technology. Initially, the
  4. The Broken Goddess, Works In Progress

    Each artwork unveils a saga of the enigmatic entity known as ‘The Broken Goddess’. Once, a moon’s cycle complete, her silhouette was marred by a void where an arm should have been. Born of a civilization with the power to mend or augment, to erase such flaws as if they never were
  5. REALM OF BLACK SUN: Origins of the Universal Council #TTRPG

    Set off on a daring venture through the stars with the Universal Council TTRPG Supplement, a powerful alliance of five species that have all faced extinction and destruction of their homeworlds. With complete dominion over three-quarters of the Milky Way, the Council governs with
  6. Bio

    These artworks and stories will transport you to another realm. A realm of erotic dreams, where the impossible becomes possible and the boundaries of reality are blurred. This artist's brushstrokes ar
  7. Unique Character Class: Gods... Yes You Can Play As A God Unique Character Class: Gods... Yes You Can Play As A God In Realm Of Black Sun. GODS The power of worship has strong sway over the go

    FUTURE HISTORY The elusive Technomagi are a sect capable of merging magic and technology to complete tasks that would otherwise be unattainable by others. Some are time travelers who have
  9. What an absolute child.
  10. Work in progress #art #artist #wip
  11. The Artist Things that inspire my creativity, and sometimes the results of that inspiration . #art #creativity #erotica #beauty #cosplay #dance #photography #conceptart
  12. More artwork #art #artist #artwork
  13. Journaling / sketching #art #wip
  14. Any other artists on here? #art #artist #artwork #wip
  15. Realm of Black Sun, Art Series

    The World of Black Sun, No.1 (aka "Into The Portal") About this piece: Space-time and Co-locality are playthings to the evolved humans of the Black Sun. Creating, traversing, and navigating portals t

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