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  1. I have never seen such a blatantly anti-non-elites and pro-elites movie in the name of a proactive genre like Saltburn. There is a huge intentional theme of "pendulum swung too much left" argument floating across the media. Some "privileged" liberals falling for it. #ToughTimes
  2. I have a different take - These apologies have no real value except to people why say to spin the narrative. Same is the statement " I take full responsibility" WTF it means?? Whoever says that have to follow-up with a self-punishment Else it's just a fake with a crookedness
  3. People should be enraged and embarrassed - enraged like crazy .. How this is acceptable in any so called "civilized societies"?? Damn #shameful #riptyrenichols
  4. :-) Someone messaged me saying the first link is not working anymore. Looks like a big team is employed to hunt down the videos being distributed. There may be a new industry to remove unpalatable co
  5. Freedom of speech??

    These supposedly controversial videos are not easily available even in US also.. The search results are tightly controlled Freedom of Speech and Press my ass.. #ViewerDiscretionAdviced Part 1 Part 2
  6. My company CEO mentioned that he listened to "All IN Podcast" and then made a comment about something . I am checking on that Podcast now. Didn't hear about them before. If my company CEO (Fortune 10)
  7. Excellent letter to Rep Marjorie from dr Dre Lawyer
  8. Updated list of news organizations & institutes active on Post & separate list of outlets here but not active yet. #PostMedia National (US) BNO News - @bnonews (breaking news) Bolts - @boltsmag (local p
  9. A six year old first grade boy shot his teacher at an elementary school What next? #ItsAPatheticShame
  10. The guy Mike Garcia who is nominating McCarthy just now is a 2022 election result denier - #Remember
  11. GOP joker show

    This is the kind of profiling I wished the TV media focused instead on heir repeatedly exasperated/shocked/disgusted type of discussion. There has to be a more investigative look at all of the 40 fr
  12. GOP <st>clown</st> Joker show

    I just couldn't stop watching the charade that is going on the house. I don't know how did I get that machosistic tendencies. As I Google every individuals who come to nominate the Byron Donalds or ev
  13. GOP clown show

    Watching the GOP clown show at the house of representatives - I think there is a method to madness to the 19 representatives playing hard ball. Since house rep can vote for outsiders, this could be a
  14. Wishing you all a very happy new year !!!
  15. @feedback Instagram links are not working - Are they intentionally blocked or is it a bug?
  16. Not seen even one from this list #Films2watch
  17. Thank you Seth Excellent list

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