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U.S. citizen hurt by cruel immigration policy

I'm just one of 1.3+ million Americans whose been unexpectedly dragged into the middle of a broken immigration system, with no way out, just because I fell in love and married an undocumented immigrant.

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  1. Here's a real life look at the detrimental impact on mental health that Americans experience who are forced to exile just to live with the person they married because of cruel immigration laws. No one
  2. Guess what? Kids aren't the only ones separated from their families bc of a broken immigration system. So are American citizens who marry people with immigration problems.

    In fact, there are millions of American citizens (like me!) who are forced by the U.S. government to separate from our spouses for 10 YEARS or more, if we ever want to legalize our spouses. And it’s al
  3. OMG, I blown away! Thank you all for commenting -- and for the tips! I seriously never expected such a warm welcome. I have had an account on the bird site for years but never received such warmth and
  4. The immigration law you’ve never heard of that forces Americans like me to consider exile just to have an ordinary married life with equal rights.

    Would you rather – Live an ordinary life doing “normal” things with your husband or wife — sharing a home, driving to work every day, taking vacations, planning for retirement… Or, Live a life dominated

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