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Amy Marie


Carolina girl living in a Jersey World

Moms Demand Action volunteer and SLP. Using my voice to save lives🧡

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  1. Let me be clear: If North Carolina enacts a new voter suppression law, it will be sued. And it will lose.
  2. It’s not books. It’s not drag shows. It’s not video games. It’s not any other excuse. #ItsTheGuns !! If you’re ready to do something to #EndGunViolence text ACT to 64433 #keepgoing @MomsDemand
  3. The deadly deregulation of guns in America remains a clear and present threat to the public safety of every American.
  4. Cheering on Virginia #MomsDemand volunteers today as they travel to Richmond for Advocacy Day!
  5. This history of one of my favorite Christmas songs is so important.
  6. Covid misinformation keeps spreading and spreading
  7. excellent read
  8. Illinois @momsdemand volunteers packed the room today at the third hearing for HB5855 - the Protect Illinois Communities act. The bill promotes an assault weapons ban, reduces high capacity magazines,
  9. Merry Christmas Eve Eve🎄🤶🏼❤️
  10. Happy Holidays from NJ where Moms Demand Action volunteers always show up to push for gun safety and keep our communities safe!

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