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  1. Another video podcast had me on as a guest to talk about my Ghostbusters book! It's called Good Journeys and it was a great journey talking with host Ben Veal! Thanks, Ben!
  2. PRAISE FOR "A CONVENIENT PARALLEL DIMENSION: HOW GHOSTBUSTERS SLIMED US FOREVER" "A deeper dive into Ghostbusters than anything before." — Chris Stewart, Proton Charging "I am thoroughly impressed with
  3. A fast-spreading covid-19 outbreak in China has researchers predicting a surge in virus-related deaths next year, with several analyses forecasting more than 1 million fatalities in a country that unt
  4. This is most probably right. I'm betting Twitter won't see the new year.
  5. Texas released maternal health data from 2019 that shows a 21% increase in severe complications and deaths among black women. That’s at least 118 women dead, and nearly 200 children left without a mot
  6. Oof. It's getting worse over there.
  7. I was on a Twitter space tonight where suspended journalists were able to voice their perspectives on the reporting re: Musk's accusations of doxxing by ElonJet. Strangely, Elon Musk showed up on the s
  8. Don't mean to drag this grotesque thing over to this nice place, but it's important info.
  9. Welcome new Twitter flock. Bumpy day. Banning journalists? Protect democracy.
  10. Seeing a lot of introductory posts featuring cute animals, so here are my guinea pigs: Popcorn, Dr. Beverly Crusher and Sonic
  11. The Universe. NASA Webb Telescope

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