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Amy H


Officially an Admin Assistant, but I'd rather be researching, reading, or hiking.


Lifelong student. Wife. Coffee lover. Mom to three boys and an ornery furbaby pup named Ginny.

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  1. What a game! Woohoo! Can’t bring myself to cheer for the Browns after their shenanigans over the past year. However, a team with a Cloverleaf grad (Kyle Jusczcyk), stand out OSU alum (Nick Bosa), and a
  2. Ginny's grown, just a tad, but she's still my girl. <3 The difference between 10 weeks old and 9 months. #newfydoodle #dogsofpost #joyinthejourney
  3. Such a goofy furball #Ginny #dogsofPost #newfydoodle #findjoyinthejourney
  4. So, 2022, I t’s been a crappy relationship and I’m thrilled to see you go. Too many school meetings, medical tests, doctor’s appointments, unexpected diagnoses, and huge emotional struggles for my neu
  5. May we reflect on the reason we celebrate. Merry Christmas, all!
  6. This is either a dog contemplating the meaning of life OR how she’ll seek and destroy the next unattended dirty sock.
  7. Today is a good day to fix the Electoral Count Act and eliminate the debt ceiling. Let's harden our democracy.
  8. The obligatory first post with the furbaby. Ginny, meet Post. Post, this is Ginny. She's a 7 month old bear cub/newfydoodle. Ginny loves long walks in the park and chewing everything she's not suppose

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