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YA & NA fantasy & paranormal writer. 👸🏼⚔️🧛🏻‍♂️ #AmQuerying

🇦🇺✈️🇬🇧 London

LL: Voyage YA First Chapters 2021. CB Creative novel-writing alumna. Ex-Apple , still nerding. 🤓

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  1. For anyone wondering! 🤗
  2. Exciting news!

    Just had a call about a new freelance opportunity, and one of my favourite kinds, too — a marketing framework for BIG impact. This next month is going to be fun! 🤩
  3. Welp, let’s do this thing… My 1st real TikTok video! #WriterTok
  4. Character Goals

    Hey there, #WritingCommunity . 👋 My latest article for Jericho Writers is live! This was an important one for me, as it's definitely something I've struggled with before. So, tell me — what are your
  5. #AmEditing

    Feeling a bit anxious, but I'm officially sitting down to start playing with Chapter 1 again. The countdown is on for getting this story edited! #WritingCommunity

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