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  1. The ultimate course every beginner spiritual guide should excel at: How to save some money and practice infinite abundance at the same time.
  2. I wish Jesus was introduced to yoga.
  3. Let go.

    My most destructive and repeated thought in a romantic connection would be imagining how my person of interest is much more compatible with someone else I know, a friend or a relative. I would consist
  4. Social Media 💢

    Deleted that app. Again . I saw the astronomical numbers of my screen time, realizing most of dedicated to IG. It is true that most of social life and culture accurs there, but isn't it just
  5. Yoga.

    So very grateful for the strong and healthy body I live in. I feel how my age becomes more noticeable, how the body gets tired faster and the skin and hair lose their childish glow - yet I have so muc
  6. I need a #philosophy topic on post.

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