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Teacher, because they are our future…

Iowa (captive)

I am Women Hear me roar, I am too Big To Ignore….Teacher, sister wife, friend, and mom of two fur babies.

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  1. Nude with Calla Lillies by Diego Rivera, 1944, Private Collection #Art #MexicanModernism #ArtDeco
  2. "....the Florida House on Wednesday gave final approval to a bill that includes preventing colleges and universities from spending money on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives."
  3. Immature imbeciles initiating idiotic implosions 🔥
  4. Where is the corporate outrage? I hope DOJ is watching. My team will do everything we can to fight as much of this in court as possible, but we need help.
  5. Look who is back and better than ever: Paul Pelosi. What an inspiration of resilience and good humor in the face of a heinous attack by a troubled man, followed by cruel online conspiracies after it by Elon Musk and others, who should be ashamed but are not. Still, Paul thrives.
  6. sploot with a view
  7. Follow Marc! He works his butt off for all of us…
  8. Mastodon or Post? That is the question.

    Has anyone noticed that there are journalists and news organizations that are pushing Mastodon? I have seen several articles on twitter and MSNBC was promoting it yesterday. No mention of Post? I wond
  9. Yay 🎉🎊👏
  10. "He's losing control of parts of the party, but not the whole party," says Mary Trump of Donald Trump. "...We're seeing this exodus away from him because he's lost so much for the party, not because o
  11. Shireen Abu Akleh was an American. She was a journalist. She was bearing witness, but never got to finish the second part of her mission as a journalist: hold power to account. Time for America to fin
  12. In honor of Twitter turning into a hellsite, I'm going to follow anyone who boosts this. Reason? Saying the same thing on Twitter got me a content warning. And that's not even counting Elon's tirades
  13. Safety, particularly for people who wish to exist without being harmed by radical administrator biases, is one of many reasons why @noam and I started Post. We aren’t here to build a fiefdom, we’re he
  14. This is so true. I just spent 10 min. on twitter, and all I read was trash journalism from Matt Taibbi and Barry Weiss. Elon has turned into the evil twin of trump. NO THANK YOU!
  15. Hi in the spirit of "Real news, Real people , Civil conversations", I would like to ask each of you to spend some time personalizing your profile. If you don't want to put a picture of yourself, put a p

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