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Journalist, Iowa Starting Line

Waterloo, Iowa, US

I write about the issues and policies affecting the working class in Iowa, and other stuff.

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  1. “Graduate students are expected to live on this salary while in graduate school, and this is nearly impossible.” Why COGS is fighting for 25% raises for teaching assistants (and checking the U of Iowa's math along the way):
  2. Iowa Starting Line newsletter for Sept. 15, 2023

    It's National Suicide Prevention Week, and LGBTQ youth have the highest rates of all—but one Iowa rep doesn't want to talk about that. plus: - 9 upcoming Hispanic Heritage Month festivals - what's the best part of fall? - Avery interviews Iowa/ISU tailgaters (wait til 0:43)
  3. we're refreshing Iowa Starting Line, learn all about it here! just know I know very little about it!
  4. no. bad. news! This week in Positively Iowa: - a cat who spent his whole life in an Iowa shelter is adopted - Iowa's fastest-growing company gives back - Iowans honored for their tireless community activism and more!
  5. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month At These 9 Iowa Festivals

    Learn about Hispanic Heritage Month, why it's celebrated between two months, and find one of 9 upcoming Iowa festivals celebrating the culture near you:
  6. Iowa Native, Now Hollywood Writer on Strike

    Iowa native and current Hollywood writer-on-strike Romen Borsellino talks about what strikers want, why he's getting all his meals from Drew Carey, and how people back home can support the strike (mostly: don't buy the studios' PR spin)
  7. Unionize Iowa City event

    Inbox today: Unionize Iowa City event happening next week. More details (and apparently there will be free pizza):
  8. Positively Iowa

    just started the new good-news-only newsletter and it's already restoring my faith in humanity: - housing for the homeless - free boy clothes for fall - Iowa's first Narcan/naloxone pick-up box - more than 61K lbs of trash pulled from our rivers
  9. Iowa Worker's Almanac - 9/7/23

    HAPPY LABOR DAY how Ronald Reagan went from union guy who helped win actors/writers residuals, to most union-busting President ever! also: -help strikers in Newton and Eldridge -Iowa's child labor rollbacks ARE illegal -Liz on our OB-GYN shortage & more:
  10. Iowa Strike

    IOWA STRIKE: United Steelworkers Local 105-3 workers at White Cap in Eldridge have been on strike since Monday. 🪧: picket at 151 N. 16th Ave., Eldridge, 5 a.m.-2:30 p.m. 💧: donate water, trash bags, snacks at same location
  11. Breaking

    FRIDAY NEWS DUMP: Liberty Counsel *was* officially behind the "pending or threatened" lawsuit that spooked the City of Waterloo into repealing their ban on conversion therapy. Just got that letter from the city; it's linked in here:
  12. In today's ISL Newsletter

    - after this weekend it's Oktoberfest season! - show of hands if you got a phone call home about your kid's nickname this week - Waterloo bullied by threat of lawsuit - what's the best diner in Iowa?
  13. Cedar Valley Pridefest this weekend, and then summer is *officially* over and Oktoberfest season begins
  14. Iowa Fitness Influencer Inspiring Latinas

    Many feel the cultural and real pressure as women, mothers, and Latinas, sacrificing their own health, fitness and nutrition for their family's needs. Paola Victoria Juarez of Muscatine wants to help them turn that around.
  15. Looks like Vivek Ramaswamy is headed to Waterloo this Saturday (Cattle Congress grounds, not Pridefest):
  16. Delivery drivers navigate the heat wave

    While some food app workers like the flexibility of the job, they are especially vulnerable to high heat or any situation that keeps them from working—since, as independent contractors, their livelihood depends on them being on the streets.
  17. Fearing Lawsuit, Waterloo Repeals Conversion Therapy Ban

    They didn't SAY it's Liberty Counsel (anti-LGBTQ Florida extremist group) behind the "pending or threatened" lawsuit. But there's reason to believe it is: The group just won nearly $1 million in a settlement from the City of Tampa over a similar ban.
  18. It's Iowa Worker Wednesday!

    - Latest on Sunshine Restaurant Dubuque walkout (and video of harassment) - AMCOR workers win strike (and Thombert strikers could still use your help) - UPS Teamsters approve new 5-yr contract - recognize & treat heat stroke!
  19. Associated Press clarifies AI journalistic standards

    "While AP staff may experiment with ChatGPT with caution, they do not use it to create publishable content. "Any output from a generative AI tool should be treated as unvetted source material."
  20. Will there be a UPS strike? Vote results coming today

    #UPS avoided a #strike last month, and #union members have been voting on whether to accept the tentative agreement since then. Voting ends today. CNN reporting Teamsters will have vote results at 2PM central. #Teamsters Zoom call about it at 7PM central.

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