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Professional toy designer addicted to toy collecting. I've acquired a toy every day for over thirty years. Strange but true! Check out my animated opus at

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  1. Larvie Teenage Fashion Maggot

    Hello Friends! So Excited To Announce The Launch Of The Kickstarter Campaign For My Original Creation, Larvie The Teenage Fashion Maggot Doll On February 21, 2023. Larvie Will Be A 4.50”, Fully Articulated Vinyl Doll With 'Twist N' Squirm' Waist, Long Luxurious Rooted Hair, Dress
  2. Hello friends! I’m so excited and proud to announce that next month, I’m launching the Kickstarter campaign for my original creation, Larvie the Teenage Fashion Maggot Doll. Larvie will be a 4.75”, fu

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