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Since the beginning of digital platforms I have yet to find my niche topic of discussion. Please revel in my diversity.

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  1. The Ideal Hybrid Work Situation

    Currently reading his book and currently a work from home employee and have been for 8 years now with the first 5 years being hybrid. I like this step that employers are taking. Encouraging and/or req
  2. By treating Jan. 6 as a singular event, we miss the throughline that connects this unique day to the broader set of attacks on democracy that we have seen for more than a decade and continue to witnes
  3. Who is George Santos?

    How has he not been removed from his seat yet? He didn’t embellish his resume, he lied. His voters made a vote based on fabricated details which in essence doesn’t even represent George Santos. Who is
  4. HNY by the way 🥂
  5. “Fight for the American people”

    What exactly do these lawmakers mean when they say they are going to stand up and fight for the American people? They are all self-serving and never go into specifics! Failed 3/3 times. Let us see if
  6. Digital Transactions and Small Businesses

    From $20,000 and 200 transactions to $600 and regardless of transaction count. Make no mistake, this targets small business and start-ups. The former is at least more aligned towards businesses that h
  7. Making & Sharing my Opinion

    With all the different “news” platforms and more being created, I can’t help but feel bombarded by all the chaos. And yet, I have decided to add to this chaos and begin sharing my opinion in a more in
  8. A bit of career insight and strategy coming from the leader of CNN.
  9. #SBF

    Breaking news! #SBF has held meetings/interview over video to avoid extradition from the Bahamas. Unfortunately, it looks like the law is catching up to him.
  10. I Read All Media 🙃

    There are levels to #sustainability . #PeteButtigieg uses a #FordMachE to get around town. I use my #Tesla to get around town. Pete uses a jet to fly from one state to the other. I still use gas to hea
  11. #PetsofPost
  12. Well, after 2-weeks on vacation, I return to work tomorrow morning :) #puertovallarta #mexico
  13. NYTimes Starbucks, Howard, & Union Article

    A great read regarding #Starbucks , #HowardShultz and his stance on #union . I personally am not a part of a union yet, a couple of my previous colleagues were and possibly still are. I wonder if there
  14. Audible Listen

    Currently listening to Maria Ressa’s #HowtoStandUptoaDictator . Thank you for sharing such an inspirational individual @karaswisher first on #ONwithKaraSwisher and then most r
  15. Testing…Testing…

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