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Alyssa Wright


Musician, Writer, Educator, Advocate & Activist

Ontario, Canada

Canadian creative, truth-teller, dog-snuggler, cat-herder and rabble-rouser, living on Treaty 18 land. Lover of coffee, wine, and naps. Traveller of world and mind. She/her, but also fond of the singular they/them. Cellist, singer/songwriter, writer, advocate, activist and actor Also (because I have yet to understand my place in the space-time continuum): Co-founder and Director, Engage Barrie: Co-conspirator, Cellist, Vocalist, And-so-much-more-ist with Frizzen Spring: Head Honchette of Take Note! Promotion: Founder, The Katie Project – giving a voice to the silenced – using music to promote awareness of and healing from childhood sexual abuse: (and, occasionally, I have a nap...)

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  1. Spring Newsletter and Concerts

    Happy Spring! The spring newsletter is out, with some upcoming concerts, starting this Saturday (yes, I know, "publicist, publicize thyself"...) Take a peek at
  2. Join us Thursday, as we rally to save Ontario's Supervised Consumption Sites, in a collective day of action with our friends in Sudbury, Timmins, Toronto and Windsor. The Barrie rally starts at 9am, and travels through four stops, each highlighting four important points about the
  3. A busy week for Council, before they enjoy a 2-week break. Both General Committee and City Council will meet on Wednesday – meaning that those who might want to give a deputation on anything in General Committee need to be paying attention and ready to speak! There’s also Commu
  4. Sing a perfect fourth two one (and all)! Sing a perfect fourth two one (and all)!
  5. I always enjoy talking with these people!
  6. #ride23 is complete – together, we raised $23,465 (and counting) for the Cedar Centre!!! Thanks to all who donated, spread the word & sent messages of encouragement. I will post photos tomorrow, after my beasties forgive me for spending so much time with the facility dogs. 😀
  7. Here we go! I'm heading down to #ride23 to walk with Team Vixon in support of the Cedar Centre. I will have Brian, Iris, Sarah, Jennifer, Cyndy, Liz & Dave, Josh & Cindy, Keith & Sarah, Peter, Beth & Robin, Bill, Rob & Trudee, and Maryanne & Bob as wings at my feet, thank you all
  8. Okay my lovelies, only one more sleep until you don't have to read these posts! After my initial goal of $200, I have raised $1,050, Team Vixon has raised $2,325 (after setting a goal of $500), and a total of $22,680 has been raised for the Cedar Centre. I'm still determined to rai
  9. Two more sleeps until #ride23 for the Cedar Centre, and my wonderful supporters have helped me surpass my FOURTH fundraising goal, THANK YOU!!!!! That goal stays the same now, as promised, but... well, you see, I'm $50 behind the top fundraiser in the Cedar Centre walk, and she is
  10. Three more sleeps until #ride23 for the Cedar Centre, and I'm only $100 away from my FOURTH fundraising goal, with Team Vixon $10 away from quadrupling our team goal, thanks to today's donation from yet another amazing cousin! Can you bump me to the finish line? (I promise, I won'
  11. Eek! I'm JUST sneaking in the 4-day warning. And friends, Team Vixon has been bumped from our 2nd place by Team Ramble (on) – led by a PROFESSIONAL FUNDRAISER, c'mon Lisa!! I mean, we're happy if anyone is raising money for the Cedar Centre, but... were kind of enjoying our cushy
  12. Totally SMASHED my third fundraising goal, and have now raised 4x my original goal. Dare I aim for 5x, with 5 days to go? Other than forcing me to exercise (dog walking doesn't count, they sniff everything and take an hour to do a 20-minute walk), you'll be supporting the Cedar Ce
  13. I can't believe that, thanks to some super-generous friends (new and old), family and neighbours, I'm only $50 away from my THIRD set goal for this fundraiser for the Cedar Centre!!! I started hoping for $200, that got bumped to $500, and now at $750. Do I need to bump my goal aga
  14. Woo-hoo, Team Vixon has caught up to Solutions4Refuge, with each team getting 22 donations to Cedar Centre – who wants to help us take the lead? (Yes, my competitive spirit has kicked into gear 😁) Mosey on over to my page to make a donation or learn more. This time next week, I'l
  15. Oh my goodness, Team Vixon is still in second place, with only 8 days to go. We've got some catching up to do – will you help us support the Cedar Centre? Please head to my personal fundraising page at to donate. I don't want to have to exercise for nothin'!
  16. Hey everyone, did you know that there are SEVEN teams walking or riding for the Cedar Centre on September 23? And guess what? Team Vixon is currently in 2nd place for fundraising – so it’s time for some friendly competition! We only need 5 more people to donate to catch up wit
  17. Thank you to those who have donated so far – I've had to raise my fundraising goal YET AGAIN thanks to your generosity! 10 more sleeps (for me – yes, it's after midnight, yes I suck at this) until #ride23 , so there's still time to contribute to the Cedar Centre.
  18. Concerned about the new homelessness bylaws? Contact your Councillor – we've made it easy for you, with an email template you can customize and send!
  19. Our response to Council on the Direct Motion Without Notice addressing homelessness is now available to all on our website:

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