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Alyssa Marie


Web ops by day; knitting for play


Book hoarder, poll worker, yarn crone, civics enthusiast, and pro wrestling appreciator. I still subscribe to print magazines.

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  1. The only Christmas-adjacent thing that interests me. Love her!
  2. Realtime snuggle shot for the #PostPet people
  3. Migrating my tweak on the IG #TopNine trend by posting my favorite 9 books I read this year. Nonfiction recommendations welcome from fellow #BookPost folks. __________________________________ "The Devi
  4. Today’s #WIPWednesday is the Easy V pullover designed by Caitlin Hunter. Going for an autumnal aquatic feel with the colors. Need to knit about 5” more for the body before ribbing and bind off. #knitting
  5. Thank you, Georgia voters and election workers!
  6. Sharing my #WIPWednesday with any fellow members of the #knitting community -- and anyone who just appreciates a handknit sweater. This lovely pattern is Aphra by Isabell Kraemer.
  7. Is the whole #SistersInLaw team on Post, yet? That’s the energy I’m here for.
  8. Just know if you call me and leave a message, that's two strikes.
  9. This is a fantastic read. I hope it finds the wide audience it deserves. Hopefully its author pops up on here, too!
  10. Thrilled to see my state’s official dogs here — hi, @levifetterman and Artie!
  11. I was absolutely hooked on this podcast and genuinely shocked from start to finish. Great listen.
  12. Has the #knitting community arrived on post, yet?
  13. pro tip: if you have more guns in your home than books, you're part of the problem
  14. Just read this very helpful Twitter hack to find your followers there who are here... type this into the search bar on Twitter: filter:follows
  15. So happy to be here! To celebrate, here are intro pet photos of my Joey (dog) and my Lars (cat). #pets #petphotos #welcometopost

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