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political and sports enthusiast

mom, wife, ✡️, dog mom, life long Democrat, pro choice, currently north of Boston, love to 🤬

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  1. Yes they are.
  2. To keep things on brand: here's a fun little video I made about Josh Hawley scurrying away during the Jan. 6th insurrection after raising his fist to the crowd outside Congress. Reaction from the audie
  3. please take this advice
  4. Check out my “Following” list—a curated selection of great follows in politics, journalism, entertainment, tech, art, and law—for many, many more surprises beyond those below. I hope you’ll share this
  5. If you are looking for politcal posters from the bird this is the best list so far! Just click their name and follow!
  6. To everyone who is just joining Post, welcome. To those of you willing to join the fight for democracy, thank you.
  7. figuring this out I was @AlyssaJ412 on that bird place

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