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Grandma. Working with Evanston CREW65 supporting racial equity work in local schools. I research Chicago's Underground Railroad, posts at

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  1. 🚨BREAKING:, the Florida NAACP, and the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans sue Florida to strike down its "wet signature" requirement for voter registration applications. No citizen should be denied the right to vote because they did not submit a pen on paper signatu
  2. PBS News this evening did much more in-depth coverage of this new Black Maternal Mortality Rates report released today for which I am posting the link below.⤵️ But , what both news reports skipped altogether is that racism by medical staff and the built-in racism in certain medical
  3. Biden is crushing it in so many areas
  4. #racism #antiracism #raceisasocialconstruct #whitesupremacy
  5. SCOTUS, hilariously

    I can't get enough of this video from last July of two of my favorite people talking about the #Dobbs decision Imani Gandy and Elie Mystal discuss the decision's unintended consequences, this country's
  6. Helping folks in Selma

    A tornado on January 12 did huge damage in Selma, Alabama, please help if you're able. NPR's Sunday Morning Edition host Ayesha Rascoe interviewed JoAnne Bland on this morning's show, Ms. Bland gives
  7. If you're white, as I am, please read this #Bias #racism #antiracism
  8. Gender equity is at the center of our backsliding democracy

    "...our simultaneous failure to curb democratic dysfunctions like partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression inevitably go hand in hand with our failure to ensure women and girls have an equal chan
  9. The largest U.S. museums and institutions have failed to return the remains of over 100,000 Native Americans to tribal nations. How the remains were stolen and how the nations endeavour to get the rem
  10. This graphic is very helpful. Please share it around and save it for later use. Unfortunately we’re gonna need it. 🤦🏻‍♂️
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  13. “'This is about Japan essentially aligning with the United States, in many ways like a NATO ally,'" said a senior administration official..."
  14. Chicago Tribune front page headline reading, Pritzker signs ban on assault weapons
  15. Women's heart health

    "'Pay attention to any symptoms above the waist, which means above the belly button, that are new to you...'" "Sudden, unusual shortness of breath and profound fatigue are common among women experien
  16. For a list of accounts that are following events in Brazil, see thread by @BlackAzizAnansi on Mastodon
  17. We stayed up to hear Hakeem Jeffries' speech last night, and it was worth it. This is just an excerpt, maybe the most fun part #HouseSpeakervote #HakeemJeffries #HakeemAlphabet #oratory #BlackPost
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  19. Long overdue…and we’ll deserved. Alex Jones’ lawyer Norm Pattis has been suspended from practicing law in Connecticut for six months after a judge found he improperly disclosed sensitive medical inform
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