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  2. CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela's government on Saturday said it rejected the U.S. stance around the South American country's upcoming elections, calling it "interference," a day after the U.S. criticized Venezuela's decision to disqualify an opposition candidate. Maria Corina Macha
  3. You need 1,200 hours of education to get a cosmetology license in Florida but starting today there’s no training or permit required to carry a concealed weapon. It’s lunacy.
  4. My cats won this argument. #Cats #Pets
  5. Fed the deer But they were nice enough to share with the squirrel
  6. There is a big special election coming up in #VA04 Feb. 21st!! Vote for Jennifer McClellan for Congress! You can check out opportunities to volunteer at … #VADems
  7. Space Needle after the Seahawks win the Superbowl. Seattle Washington 2014 #Photography
  8. This explains the Mean Girls style bullying of Rudolph "Get in loser. We're going sleighing."
  9. Happy Hanukkah to all who observe! #HappyHannukah
  10. There have been four election contests filed in Arizona. Here is a quick summary: Governor: Failed GOP candidate Kari Lake filed a contest in Maricopa County. There was a hearing earlier today on the m
  11. Congress just passed the marriage equality bill! If LGBTQ+ rights matter to you, vote. There's more to do! #LGBTQ #Voterizer #DemocratsAreDelivering
  12. Enjoying the season 🥰
  13. McDonald's is selling double cheeseburgers for 0.50 on Thursday & Friday thru their app only & you have to pick up. I was was not able to find out if there is a limit to how many you can order. If mul
  14. Made a cider margarita with cranberry ice. Recipe from The Aviary in Chicago. Takes some prep but a very good holiday drink, if you’re into tequila cocktails!
  15. ICYMI: This is the case that led to 70,000 Georgians being able to vote on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The GOP fought against it all the way to the GA Supreme Court.
  16. This! #locktrumpup

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