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  1. Musk has started to suspend big accounts that say things he doesn't like. @johncusack can't use his account, although it's still there. Free speech is free only if he agrees with it, obviously. And no, this isn't a reason to go away. It's a reason to FIG
  2. I have read that George Santos went on a conservative news network to explain why he lied about his qualifications when he campaigned to be the Republican nominee for Congress for his district in New York. He stated that he lied because he knew if he told the truth they would hav
  3. Sorry for not having been around here enough over the past couple of weeks... Life gets in the middle of plans. But it's bday week for me and I am back on track! Look forward to chatting with y'all.
  4. This place is great. Have at it!
  5. This place is great. Have at it!
  6. By Ali Sawafta JERICHO, West Bank (Reuters) - Israeli forces killed five Hamas militants on Monday during a raid on a refugee camp near the occupied West Bank city of Jericho, the Palestinian armed group and Israeli sources said. Hamas's armed wing, the Qassam Brigades, said it wou
  7. Congress should require Supreme Court justices to follow a mandatory code of conduct — just like all other federal jurists in our country. Who agrees? ✋
  8. I call Schiff and Swalwell Batman & Robin. :D

    Couldn't possibly agree more with all of this. Schiff is a tremendous asset for the Democratic party. Let's all work to support him and his Senate bid! #politics
  9. George Santos just told the FEC that hundreds of thousands of dollars in “personal” campaign loans were not, in fact, from his personal funds. Santos didn’t say where those funds came from. This man is
  10. Mastriano is yet another example of why Republicans are at this point just a crazy cult. #politics
  11. The xxxx has hit the (Russian) fan.

    This is HUGE and I really do mean HUGE. Because of the ramification it has in the Russia investigation, because it shows it's FAR from over and because it's the first big chess piece taken down before
  12. And in today's "Karma" news... #politics
  13. They’re preoccupied with the destroying democracy epoch.
  14. Sooo this is why Trump is getting antsy and he's trying to defame Jack Smith. Cohen is meeting with prosecutors. More charges are coming.
  15. Solomon Pena, former GOP candidate. I'd say unbelievable, but at this point ... 🙄
  16. And now, for your daily dose of "when you think you've heard it all from Qanoners"...

    Anti-Abortion Propagandists Claim DC Is Powered By Incinerating Fetuses: “In places like Washington D.C.,” fetuses are “burned to power the light’s of the city’s homes...The next time you turn on the l
  17. There aren't gifs or facepalm emojis that can appropriately sum up a reaction to this, at this point. NEW: John Kelly, Donald Trump’s ex-chief of staff, had to repeatedly remind the former president t
  18. Not a chance.

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