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Working on a Chinese translation of the KSJ@MIT handbook, CEEatGT'23. Cat parent, lives in Mountain Time, God is Good.

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  1. We love thinking about how our coverage can better inform, engage, and empower you. That's why we are partnering with the Solutions Journalism Network to pilot the What’s Working Factbox. Embedded within our stories, the window connects you with articles from the Solutions Story T
  2. This is the front page of the August 30th, 2023 edition of The Daily Tar Heel: #NorthCarolina #schoolshootings #news
  3. PERSPECTIVE: When Manasvi Verma moved over 8,000 miles from New Delhi, India to St. Louis, she ate less of her Dadi's kadhi, but more of her roommate's mom's chicken noodle casserole. How has that changed her from the inside out and the outside in? #OriginalContent #India #StLouis
  4. In a bleak journalism landscape, where the media industry has announced at least 17,436 job cuts in the first 5.5 months this year, we are taking the opposite route with intentional growth. So excited for this new chapter of The Xylom! Let's grow science with words, together.
  5. A Georgia school board voted along party lines to fire a Georgia teacher who taught her fifth grade class about gender fluidity. By Itzel Luna, USA TODAY A school board in suburban Atlanta voted Thursday to fire a teacher who read a book about gender fluidity to her fifth-grade cla
  6. Thank you to the folks at the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing for including us in their #CASWConnector database! This is how we grow science with words. Check out our archive of essays, resources, and more for early-career science writers, from early-career science
  7. Made a visual! #originalcontent
  8. Thank you to Dr. Kim Cobb ( @coralsncaves ) for our largest individual donation since we joined the Open Collective platform! For every three dollars raised, one dollar directly goes to our Newsroom Fellow (interviews start next week!) Support the future of
  9. NEW from Barbara Pinho with visuals from @alexip718 : The U.S. removes 2,000 tonnes of used fuel from nuclear power reactors every year. The last attempt to build a deep geological repository in Yucca Mountain, Nevada failed. Can the U.S. learn from its
  10. By Jeff Zillgitt, USA TODAY The Toronto Raptors and Darko Rajakovic have reached an agreement for Rajakovic to become the team’s next head coach, a person familiar with the process told USA TODAY Sports. The person requested anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak publi
  11. I'm on the news (again) today!
  12. As "Cop City" Proceeds, Atlanta City Council Proposes Acquisition of Parkland in South River Forest

    BREAKING from me and Amber X. Chen for @thexylom : On the backdrop of "Cop City", the Atlanta City Council votes Monday to authorize >$1.65 million to purchase 46 acres of future parkland in the South River Forest Region of Southeast Atlanta. The catch:
  13. Take a look at two data visuals made by @alexip718 for Gina Errico's article, " 'It Breaks My Heart': Costa Rica's Coffee Communities Challenged by Climate Change." The Central American country is getting hotter while receiving more erratic rainfall. Rea
  14. We're almost 80% of the way to having the funds for our first part-time editor! Give a monthly tax-deductible donation to support Gen-Z run science coverage here: #atlanta #GenZ #nonprofit #science #health #environment #climate #news #fundraiser
  15. Listen to my conversation with Rose Scott about @thexylom on WABE again TONIGHT at 7 pm or through the link below: #atlanta #science #environment #police #edcuation #news
  16. The Xylom stands by our reporting. Support independent science coverage now:
  17. ICYMI, this happened to me and @thexylom over the week: #environment #education #news #freespeech
  18. Proud to have contributed visuals and edits to this photo essay:
  19. Proud to announce that I have accepted an offer to the MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing! Please continue to follow my work @thexylom while I move to the Boston area in the fall. #science #environment #news #journalism
  20. NEW: Who knew there were more than rock pigeons and crows to be found within the concrete jungles of Bangalore? Mrunali Sundar spoke to the educators, innovators, and advocates who are bringing nature to children in the South Indian city. Read more here. #india #nature #environmen

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