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the vibe is mid-century tropical. Writer - now for Crosscut Strategies, then did the speeches for Attorneys General turned Governors-elect. Opinions my own. He/him.

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  1. It’s a take!
  2. Currently at my favorite DC bar, (Copycat) drinking my favorite drink (Mai Tai), listening to my favorite song (Peg, Steely Dan). Life has been worse.
  3. At the company holiday party talking about the demise of Twitter. Like if you think it’s going come crashing down soon!
  4. there's a man in the office building next to me (it's a clear shot through the window) whose shirt has completely split down the middle of his back and he has no idea. Stay tuned for updates?
  5. Can we keep Nate Silver off here too?
  6. My real hope for Post is that it becomes a space for joy in a way that Twitter has increasingly become less and less for over the last few years. Less trolls, more lols.
  7. Among the first things I want on record via Post: All-Star by Smash Mouth is one of the greatest songs of all time. I’ll stand by that forever.
  8. Really liking some serif fonts on my social media posts.

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