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Happily enjoying newly-found retirement (and FREEDOM!) from corporate America.

New England, USA.

Education: BA in History. BS in Business Management. MS in HR Management. Interests: current affairs, forensic anthropology, health sciences, psychology, philosophy, sociology, music (particularly jazz and classical music), sustainability, environmental issues. Avid reader. Sports: fencing, swimming, hiking, mountain bike. Hates and Dislikes: arrogance, narcissists, bigots, poverty, injustices, condescension, gaslighting. Supporter of: LGBTQIA; BLM; Pro Choice. MAGA intolerant. Don't even bother engaging in dialogue with me -- Please just move along. Admirer of : kindness; intelligence; humility

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  1. #SlavaUkraini
  2. #Peace to all.
  3. 50 (SHORT) Years Ago -- Let that sink in!

    It wasn't until the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) was passed in 1974 that women were able to get their own credit cards in their own name. "Make America Great Again" , they say................ Vote the BA$TARD S out
  4. #VOTE
  5. And the winner is: LETTUCE! 🎉 🏆 🥇
  6. #Sustainability
  7. That #EmailLady is right -- yet again!

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